Everybody loves motorbike.

The origin of TSR / TECHNICAL SPORTS RACING is a motorcycle. If you go back to the roots, we will finally reach at Teruyoshi Fujii, former chairperson of our company “TSR ” who was master and teacher relationship who was a founder Honda Soichiro of Honda Motor Co., Ltd..
From the dawn of the motorcycle in the 1950’s in Japan, the spirit of master and teacher who fought on over the world with the original thinking on the bikes was inherited afterwards, and has been handed down to the current TSR / TECHNICAL SPORTS RACING.


Real soul, the beetle of the TSR

The origin of the TSR was the former Technical Sports Club that was born in the early mid-1960s, the dawn of the motorcycle race.
Its symbol was a beetle. The beetle covered with a hard shell was put in some heroic meanings that it was safe and alive even if someone crashed, even if one’s arms and legs torn.
As time goes by, everything such as machine, racing track, safeness and technology has evolved and changed much better.
However, the root of the motorcycle race that people manipulate a motorcycle destined to fall off surely faster and better than anyone does never change.
The soul that put in the TSR beetle, even now the essence of TSR that does never change is still in there.